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1. Cashback Store

Any retail or buying and selling business can be turned into a Cashback Store by Simply integrating the Eleven11Pay send bill feature into your business. You can give cashbacks to your customers irrespective of the kind of products you sell like: Clothes, Shoes, Groceries, Spare Parts and any other kind of retail product.

Creating your cashback store is free and your cashback store profile is listed in the cashback store directory for prospective customers to see.

Cashback Store Examples

2. Cashback Products

This listing type gives your products presence on the cashback marketplace where potential customers can see your products and place a direct inquiry.

The cashback product listing is not free but its very very affordable, with the basic package of N500 you can create and publish 10 products on the cashback marketplace.

Cashback Product Examples

3. Logistics Company

Logistics is the vehicle that drives Ecommerce. This listing type is for business in the logistics service delivery industry. Creating a logistics company profile puts you on the logistics directory and in front of the customers that need your services.

This listing type is not free but its very affordable, it costs just N500 monthly to be on the logistics directory.

Logistics Company Examples

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